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Yet early intentions of "promoting locally-born people wherever it is possible to do so" were meagerly fulfilled despite protests by community representatives who wanted "to see more native representatives in places of high authority in the Government; they maintain there are many capable of holding such positions.
It would not help the images of the cancer research establishment and the multibillion dollar biotech industry if it became widely known that a meagerly funded lab had come up with a superior explanation of the cause and progression of cancer.
With the medtech markets of most Western countries either slightly down, flat, or meagerly on the plus side, it is little wonder that American medical-device companies, including the major orthopedic players, are busy developing their plans of attack on the "I" in the BRIC matrix.
I had been primed to travel in the classic student style, armed with a shoestring budget, a list of hostels in various capitals, and my first real attempt at growing a beard, which was coming in meagerly.
34) From another perspective, as posts like praefectus orae maritimae and praepositus orae gentium Ponti Polemoniani do not explicitly mention naval contingents, Bassus may have had only terrestrial forces, (35) which Pliny meagerly reinforced.
This work is uncritical and has no historical argument or thesis--the text is only meagerly anchored with dates.
Summary: Is Kipp alone in our frustration towards the meagerly tuppence that is our salary?
The school library was similarly meagerly stocked and lacked a librarian.
The patriarchal nature of the Druze community in Israel has been meagerly researched and, similar to other characteristics, much information has been extrapolated from research on Muslim women which attenuates Druze distinctiveness where, for example, religious proscription of polygamy most prominently singles out Druze women.
Entertaining and cunningly chosen as the selected anecdotes are, the situations in this slim (65-minute) feature sometimes seem meagerly developed, living up to neither their dramatic potential nor to Khalife's energetic comic imagination.
Immediately prior to Jesus' prophetic words in our reading, Jesus has just viewed and acknowledged the poor widow and her meagerly extravagant offering.
It was highly disappointing that under 13th Finance Commission share of the State had been increased meagerly from 1.