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Notwithstanding the meagerness of Jordan's minimum, and general, wage level, however, this factor cannot sweep out all competition Jordan faces from other countries in which apparel investors chose to locate their production operations.
From the recognition of chaos and richness, I have to come back to face the meagerness of a translation, and this is what I have before me now:
5) See Campos: "The arid Spanish plain and the harsh [Brazilian] northeast are superimposed on each other, in the same optic, and the Spaniard and the nordestino are joined in the exemplary meagerness of their destinies" (Campos 73).
That night, as we sat before the cabin fireplace, I made no reference to the meagerness of his chances.
In his other poems on Hartley, most notably a trio of sonnets written shortly after his son's birth, Coleridge is plagued with fears of Hartley's imminent demise, and baffled by the meagerness of his own paternal affections.
I stand as I call my price, and the auctioneer is plainly shocked--not by the meagerness of the offer, but by the offer itself.
The bad news is that the Kyoto Protocol is nowhere near achieving this goal given the meagerness of the target, the failure of the United States to accept it, as well as the failure to include developing countries.
While it would certainly be interesting to determine whether the origins of Shera's own interest in certain writers, such as Dewey, Parsons, and Boulding, can be traced to Egan's introduction of their work to him, the meagerness of the citation data prevents one from confidently drawing any conclusions about the authorship of source articles beyond those that we would normally make.
The courtly diplomacy of the WHO and the ILO often masks the meagerness of their accomplishments in international occupational health and safety.
The district judge has approved a handsome fee for the class lawyers, $750,000, despite the meagerness of the relief agreed to in the settlement.
Rather than simply griping over budget cuts and monetary meagerness, Gerhani Schmitt, Vice President of Planning and Logistics, and ETH president Olaf Kubler are looking ahead.
The destruction of "Oromo national leadership, the tight control of the government, the meagerness of a modern educational establishment, lack of transport and communication systems and mass media, the absence of written literature in the Oromo language, and the limited nature of interaction among the Oromo in different regions .