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Cold from its source the stream meanders Darkly down through the oleanders, All night long in dream I lie, Ah me
Albany is one of the most picturesque places in the world; situated most delightfully on the banks of the Hudson, which here meanders in sylvan beauty through meadows of ever-green and desert islands.
New paths meander through the woods, following lines of least resistance and maximum picturesque impact.
But there was no need to have read the novel in order to meander through the dawns and opacities of the evening-length dance.
However, these developments have fallen short of any inspiration drivers for the stock today, as MOT continues to meander lower on the session.
A natural trail system will meander throughout the community, providing residents with exclusive access to the protected wilderness areas.
There's not a rush in this area (of hiring a play-by-play man) and I'm going to let Al meander through a very tough choice,'' Ebersol said.
The Dick Bailey-designed course is sculpted into the Mohawk Valley, where streams meander through pines, cedars and aspens, creating pools and waterfalls.
This exhibition took up this filmic element with a linear ordering of the works in dense rows that drew one to meander along the sequence in the hall.
Cascata's lush fairways meander for 7,200 yards through the mountain terrain amid stark desert beauty.
Whatever the reason, this show, organized by Karola Grasslin, provides another opportunity to witness the wunderkind's visionary range: Here, Althoff invites fellow artist Armin Kramer to collaborate on a site-specific installation that will meander throughout the Kunstverein.
The triptych has the sparest composition: Puffy white cloudlike forms meander across a gold ground lined along the bottom with blood bubbles, a rogue one floating above.