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The inductance of meander line can be calculated from the following expressions
To mark the exhibition opening, Knifer's nearly hundred-foot-long banner Arbeitsprozess (Working Process), 1975, produced over the yawning surfaces of a quarry outside Tubingen, Germany, was unfurled down the length of the facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art, itself a three-dimensional meander sited on an alley named in honor of the artist, who died in 2004.
Hybrid model of meander microstrip DL is based on the same S-matrix technique.
The River Meander, which sounds as though it's a tautology but isn't, seems to occupy two spaces: those of geographical reality and classical antiquity.
Both were started by lightning due to dry conditions and burned north of Meander River.
Based on the DMDSLR dual-band filter [33] and dual-mode meander line configuration [6-9], the improved T-couple consisting of one-arm couple and inter-digital feed for exciting dual-band simultaneously and modified DMDSLR structure for extending the bandwidth are presented in this paper.
In terms of sampling, there have been Monte-Carlo approaches [Gol00] to producing a nearly uniform meander, however bounding the bias is a challenging statistical task.
V (Euronext:BALNE), along with its executing partners, has signed a building contract for the construction of Meander Medisch Centrum's new hospital in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.
The ladies-only Midnight Meander aims to raise funds for the charity, which provides support and respite care for families who have children with autism.
Miguel Angel Hoppe and Fernando Arroyo meander around the city, taking long breaks to kiss in public places and have graphic but tasteful sex.
Perhaps it's the Las Vegas setting, or the sultry days spent around the Dunes Hotel pool over a period of three summers, but the plot of The Perfect Age seems to meander rather than face the issues of first love and adultery with a specific message.
Though his storytelling and logic could often use refinement, and despite his unfortunate tendency to meander off topic, Wild does conjure up some eye-opening trivia on the coffee manufacturing process, and there is merit to his claim that Third World farmers are facing a raw deal in part because of free trades unintended consequences.