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Sinuous, meandering streams produce diverse and wildlife-rich habitats and are the aim of many river restoration efforts, but until now, the bank, water flow and sediment conditions required to form and maintain meanders have been largely a matter of speculation.
Furthermore, the computer model doesn't now include longterm variations such as meandering ocean currents, occasional eddies, or significant changes in weather patterns.
The first objective of this study was to compare stream bank erosion along; a) meandering channels bordered by riparian forest buffers, row-crop fields and continuously-grazed pastures and b) between row-crop fields along both meandering and channelized channels.
Although the central motif is Japanese, the garden's multicultural history created a hybrid style that includes hundreds o plants and trees, a 60-foot waterfall, tranquil lily ponds, and gently meandering stone paths.
This is not a book aimed directly at young writers; indeed, the book's somewhat unfocused organization and Sharp's occasionally meandering writing style could be a bit off-putting to would-be writers below highschool age.
In this meandering tale, Vonnegut suggests that Billy's wartime experience has uncovered the frailty of larger myths and narratives that hold our lives together and seem to give them meaning.
In that sense, for all its European plot meandering, explicit sexuality, and annoying oh-so-French finale on a deserted beach, it's really a classic story told through sometimes shocking new eyes.
As a pedagogical tool they fall short -- students would have considerable difficulty navigating their way through the meandering digressions.
There seemed, too, a kind of genius in Burns's meandering, offhand camera style, as if the film's very technology had been infected by his post-teen characters' stop-start rhythms.
Vaguely biblical from its title to its final, tortured redemption act in the desert, ``Seraphim'' wallows in meandering pain and frontier grit.
The one on the left charts the meandering path of Mission Creek, a stream that ran freely through the sparsely populated terrain of the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.