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ONC aims for RECs to support 100,000 primary care physicians in achieving meaningful use.
The MO HIT Assistance Center works alongside any EHR vendor to provide the extra help a health care provider needs to successfully adopt and achieve meaningful use of an EHR.
For hospitals to meet Meaningful Use standards, the ED will play a critical role if you have an EDIS that addresses the requirements, said Robert Hitchcock, MD, T-System s vice president of solution management.
With analysis of grammar rules and practice, they can induce or deduce meaningful hints out of these rules" (ZhonggangGao, 2001, p.
However, the weariness that comes from living with no purpose can be diminished only by directing your efforts toward a meaningful objective.
They often fail to give most people meaningful, coherent images and information they can use, and meaningful ways to act.
When enacting roles meaningful to the identity, this standard (hereafter referred to as "identity standard" in accordance with Burke's term) becomes the identity holder's basis from which decisions about how to enact a role are made, given the environment.
Industry's part is to provide a meaningful placement.
Longmore's integration of these into a meaningful historical account is exemplified in his essay on the League for the Physically Handicapped in New York, one of the earliest disability rights organizations.
Once your student is accustomed to the idea that music, like words, occurs in meaningful groups, it is time to begin to compare those groups.
When children and youth are given the opportunity to connect into the wellness of nature, whether that takes the form of a meaningful relationship with a horse or a connection with the majesty of a hardwood forest (or endless other possibilities), they become involved in a system that is already well.
When your audience is hit or miss, you have to have some thing really meaningful for them when they are there," said Ms.