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We're also loving Amelia Bullmore (Head of Sustainability), waffling meaninglessly about how "Sustainability is not legacy", as well as Jessica Hynes's shinily robotic Head of Brand and Karl Theobald's panic-stricken Head of Infrastructure.
Pregnant women taking 400 IU/day have the same blood levels as pregnant women not taking vitamin D; that is, 400 IU is a meaninglessly small dose for pregnant women.
In such a country, the years pass meaninglessly, and millions of people waste, or nearly waste, their very lives.
We can, if you will, sin against dignity by trying to prolong life meaninglessly, by not recognizing that our life is finite.
It is not true that banks would then be meaninglessly restrained only by each other, leaving no effective restraint against their expanding together and causing price inflation.
The other problem is that the callers misbehave and keep talking meaninglessly.
Neither the teachers nor the classmates made any special efforts to interact with the Iraqi children; the teachers claimed they had no time to spend "one-on-one" with their needy charges, despite the fact that they were often observed doing paperwork at their desks while the class was engaged in seatwork, and the Iraqi students (or other ELLs, for that matter) were quietly coloring or copying meaninglessly.
After waiting meaninglessly, the scribes finally decided to boycott the media briefing, which according to a veteran journalist is the first ever walk out by media in Muscat.
Over comparatively short periods of time, events can seem to be just meaninglessly random.
This practice was now being meaninglessly practiced as part of standard operating procedure.
Unlike past COT productions, which included scenic elements moved this way and that meaninglessly, the staging of Ken Cazan, even including those shifting sets, was apt at all times.
The reigning status of humor as something meaninglessly funny, totally impotent of highlighting the social and cultural sores in the U.