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Caption: RIGHT: Australian prisoner of war John Meanly in 1953.
It reared meanly against the bruised sky, a giant broken tooth.
What we get to eat and drink at our meanly squashed-up or expensively extended seat is an emotive subject for airlines and passengers alike.
Cabs": not taxis; look a bit further down M your OED to find the slang verb meaning "to pilfer, snatch dishonestly or meanly.
The designing stage of instructive films is accomplished meanly, and their executions are mean, and also this is the case about their assessment.
Hearing how rude Hamza was to his son, the vizier tells Samuel to never allow Hamza to speak meanly to him again.
It has to be mentioned that India as a state is rich but it is a land of appalling poverty where more than 600 million people are living below a meanly defined poverty line.
The demographic analysis results of our patients are time of the onset of GH treatment was meanly 1.
They joined hands with the aristocracy and landlords and suppressed meanly any voice from powerless ethnic groups and poor peasants.
It was garnished meanly with a tiny strip of half-burned courgette and the gorgonzola had made it so salty that I ordered a glass of house red wine.
I'm sure many Chronicle readers have pulled on the invisible Stetson and squinted meanly like Clint Eastwood when facing their own personal 'high noon'.
1- According to in prioritizing components of job satisfaction among employees two components of the job satisfaction meanly nature of job and salary have the lowest priority, therefore, it's recommended to managers of organization explain duties of employees to their personnel and authorized work to staff by their expertise.