means of attack

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The means of attack have become very unsophisticated as we have seen with Lee Rigby and they have short lead-in times.
We're dealing with a new enemy that uses new means of attack and new methods to communicate.
Given the terrorism threat is evolving continuously with ever diverse means of attack, undue pressure is being placed on conventional x-ray inspection systems.
The preferred means of attack would be car or truck bombs, '' Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said.
The directorate will first assess the nation's critical infrastructure and key resources for vulnerabilities, then develop a comprehensive plan for securing both the infrastructure and resources from various means of attack.
One possible means of attack is an amphibious assault from the Gulf, using the Royal Navy's helicopter carrier HMS Ocean and a fighting force of 600 marines.
David Tyson, vice-president of the British Veterinary Association, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that sabotaging the food chain was a potential means of attack, "It becomes even more important now than it was before that we know exactly the source of imports, and the documents that come with them are what they say they are, and the stuff that is in the containers and refrigerated lorries is what it says it is.
2 Presidential election, and the most likely means of attack is by detonation of a high-powered bomb concealed in a cargo container in a public place, Lt.
The preferred means of attack would be car or truck bombs," Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said.
The preferred means of attack would be car or truck bombs,' Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said in a briefing with journalists.
The means of attack last week has clearly pushed confidence to an all-time low but there is a feeling that companies like BA are taking advantage of the situation to hide their lack of preparedness for a recession that has been predicted for at least 18 months.
One way to do this, says Leonard Smith of USAMRIID, is to find a common means of attack shared by a group of agents and to learn which proteins participate in the attack.