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He said: "Increasingly young people are looking to apprenticeships as a means of entering the jobs market, learning and earning at the same time.
The night prayer is one of the means of entering Paradise and attaining its high grades; Abu Mlik Al-Ash'ari (radhiallh 'anhu) said: The Messenger of Allh (sallallhu 'alaihi wa sallam) said: "There are chambers in Paradise, its outside can be seen from its inside, and vice versa, Allh prepared them for those who speak tenderly, feed others, fast continuously, and pray at night while people are sleeping.
When I read that [air-sea battle] concept what was striking to me was the total focus on systems and platforms and no recognition of the Army's role" in securing basing rights, transit agreements, border crossings or other means of entering a foreign land.
1,2) The transillumination technique has proven to be a successful means of entering the sinus, and it has thus eliminated the need for fluoroscopy.
Because he did not have a legal means of entering the country, Gutierrez was held at an immigration detention center in El Paso for seven months.
For decades, it has been known that malaria parasites use proteins called glycophorins as a means of entering red blood cells.
The ownership of the bank is mainly with the SANASA Movement, which is a co-operative group founded on an understanding that recognizes the importance of empowering and equipping rural Sri Lankan communities with the means of entering modern economic processes.
The massive increase in demand that Newcastle College and other colleges throughout the North East have witnessed only reinforces the fact that people are starting to realise that Access is a perfect means of entering higher education.
The closure of a stretch of the A5 west of Corwen has not only very obviously affected local businesses and residents but has seen a large part of the road's traditional commercial traffic - not to mention holidaymakers - using alternative means of entering or crossing North Wales and avoiding the area completely.
The product is ideally suited for portable computing because it offers a fast and highly accurate means of entering text on small devices.
Following the completion of this project, Welson sought ways to leverage the versatility of the Datron machines as a means of entering other vertical markets.
It appears CART owners are looking to the IRL as a means of entering the Indy 500.