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The thing locked with a spring; once the door was closed, the bolt shut of itself; and without a key, there was no means of entering from without.
The HEIA offers a series of lectures to introduce export markets and means of entering them and getting to know their clients.
For her part, Sibble Morali, President of Korfez Chamber of Commerce, stressed keenness of Korfez' s businessmen to explore the investment climate in Qatar, adding that a delegation representing 19 companies from various sectors is accompanying her during this visit to discuss means of entering the Qatari market and enhancing cooperation with Qatar Chamber.
As per the Framework Alliance Report of 2010, a WHO associates, smuggled cigarettes are sold in the Pakistani as a means of entering closed or high tax-levied markets.
the submersible platform lift must provide a flexible and dignified means of entering a swimming poolfor a person unable to walk or having limitedmobility.
The night prayer is one of the means of entering Paradise and attaining its high grades; Abu Maalik al-Ash'ari said: The Messenger of Allah, sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, said: "There are chambers in Paradise, its outside can be seen from its inside, and vice versa, Allah prepared them for those who speak tenderly, feed others, fast continuously, and pray at night while people are sleeping.
He said: "Increasingly young people are looking to apprenticeships as a means of entering the jobs market, learning and earning at the same time.
The second shaft will provide for increased ventilation of the underground workings as well as an additional means of entering and exiting the mine.
When I read that [air-sea battle] concept what was striking to me was the total focus on systems and platforms and no recognition of the Army's role" in securing basing rights, transit agreements, border crossings or other means of entering a foreign land.
1,2) The transillumination technique has proven to be a successful means of entering the sinus, and it has thus eliminated the need for fluoroscopy.
Because he did not have a legal means of entering the country, Gutierrez was held at an immigration detention center in El Paso for seven months.
For decades, it has been known that malaria parasites use proteins called glycophorins as a means of entering red blood cells.