means of entry

See: ingress
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The smartphone display becomes a means of entry and is loaded via the NFC interface.
We switched to two large tin money boxes with no means of entry.
Criminals may use these as a means of entry to the main home if they are not properly secured.
JONATHAN Walker's thoughtprovoking piece on higher education, "Putting the earn into learn" rightly challenges the view that possession of a degree is the correct means of entry into the job market for all or most.
The victim was shot in his workshop and Humphrey suspects there is more to the incident than meets the eye when he spots the door was locked from the inside with no other obvious means of entry.
He initially appears to be the victim of a robbery gone wrong until Humphrey (Kris Marshall), right, realises that the door has been locked from the inside with no other means of entry.
com/sweepstakesrules/interstellar for free alternate means of entry, restrictions and prize details.
DCI Hardie said the motive and means of entry remain unclear but added that there was a possible sexual element to the attack, which is being treated as attempted murder.
Among the changes, landlords will no longer be able to use bailiffs to seize property for residential rent debts without going to court first, while the debt collectors will have to give courts information on the likely means of entry and amount of force required before a warrant is granted, Bailiffs will also have to give seven days notice before taking possessions, unless they have specific permission from a court.
He said oeyouth theatre is the natural means of entry into the theatre proper, as well as into TV acting and in many cases, even into the film industry.
While you may encourage users to share information on the contest on their personal timelines, this cannot count as a means of entry.
Companies seeking a stronger foothold in emerging markets--particularly within those countries that have liberalized foreign ownership rules--will continue to pursue M&A as a means of entry.