means of exit

See: egress
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Lecount politely retired -- through the open folding-doors -- by this latter means of exit, so as not to disturb the visitor by passing in front of her.
In a town, officially known as the gateway to Mount Everest, where there are no vehicles or roads to ply them on, the four parking bays at Lukla's tiny Tenzing- Hillary airport are the only means of exit.
Rotational moulding expert Dr Paul Nugent gave evidence yesterday after inspecting the company's machines, and told the court that there weren't "any of these machines in the world which have safety exit panels or any means of exit from inside.
The lift shaft, and the stairs which wound round it, were the only means of exit and the city's fire brigade did not possess a ladder long enough to reach the top floor.
In late Elizabethan days this passage was supposed to have been used as a means of exit from Newhouse Hall by Catholic priests who had received food and protection from its owners during the period of the persecution of the Catholics by the Protestants (1582-1587).
Senior Executive Fire Prevention Officer with Dublin Fire Brigade, James Briscoe, said the only means of exit from the flat had been through the basement door and this was not unusual in apartments in the area.
At issue is DOJ's interpretation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) rules to require fixed pool lifts as a means of exit and entry into the pool as opposed to a portable lift.
The only secure and honorable means of exit is to finish the work of creating an Afghan army and police force capable of defending the country from the Taliban and other extremists, with backup from U.
Realistically, voters have a single means of exit from this system - finding and voting into power a slate of candidates willing to upset the status quo.
Apart from a possible increase in people taking holidays in this country because of the credit squeeze, with more houses possibly being built at Nell's Point and, if Travelodge finds a home there, ( as there seems to be a shortage of holiday accommodation on the Island) there will be the inevitable increase in road traffic and another means of exit is necessary
New regulations put into place by New York State's Department of Health mandated that all centers must have two means of exit that lead to streets--disqualifying a large number of home centers whose rear exit leads only to a back yard.