means of expression

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In giving to the character of his invention flesh and bones he is giving life to that part of himself which finds no other means of expression.
Since bombs are your means of expression, it would be really telling if one could throw a bomb into pure mathematics.
The involuntariness of the figures and similes is the most remarkable thing; one loses all perception of what constitutes the figure and what constitutes the simile; everything seems to present itself as the readiest, the correctest and the simplest means of expression.
My mind is still stunned by that terrific experience, and I grope vainly for means of expression by which I can reproduce the emotions which we felt.
And yet, through the very limited means of expression that he possessed, he seemed to express kindness.
From taking quick snapshots of our daily life, it has become a means of expression on its own," said Power Mac Center Marketing Director Joey Alvarez.
Huckvale, a researcher, writer, and presenter for radio and university lecturer in the UK, examines British literature of pagan fantasy that foreshadowed British films and television, what those fantasies signify in reality, and how the British landscape has informed both literature and film as their principle means of expression.
In the realization of the video, the contemporary techniques and means of expression typical of this genre have been used.
Eight cases of assaults on journalist were reported during last 12 months and frequent curbs on internet, social media sites and other means of expression were witnessed during the year' he added.
The host of the seminar , Chairman CeLTS Dr Ghulam Ali said, 'Language is the most powerful means of expression.
The show strives to enforce and emphasise the original music in a contemporary means of expression," said the composer.
Although emergency law of 1958 allows shutting down print houses and means of expression and promotion and since the announcement of state of emergency since 10 April 2017, such decision should be taken with integrity and announced criteria," the statement read.