means of identification

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The EU communique said that Fingerprints are extensively used within the EU as a more secure means of identification.
He also enquired about the techniques used in the control of these goods and means of identification of time of expiration and their compliance with the standards and quality criteria.
I even have his discharge papers and his 'dog tag' which would have been the means of identification, should he have been killed in the war.
As a father I have often felt concern about the impracticality of the passport booklet as a means of identification for young people on nights out and this new card will be a far more practical option.
Without a proper and reliable means of identification, vaccine wastage rates are higher than 50% in some of the most challenging African locales.
The court's five-member majority ruled that such sampling is no different from fingerprinting, which is universally permitted as a means of identification before a criminal conviction.
PERHAPS someone who is advocating the PS10 charge at the door of the A&E departments could tell me what you are going to do with all the bodies lying outside because it's going to be very difficult to levy this charge on people who don't have the cash, a credit card or even means of identification.
In addition, the indictment accuses Brown of aggravated identity theft by knowingly transferring and possessing without lawful authority the means of identification of the credit card holders.
The other evening while driving up Merthyr Road in Whitchurch (and at around rush-hour - so a particularly busy time) a cyclist was in front of a bus in the dark, with no lights, no protective helmet and no visible means of identification, such as a high-visibility vest.
Right now my daughter is stuck in one of the planet's most hostile environments without a single dollar and no means of identification.
Following a series of important criminal cases, the United Kingdom adopted fingerprints as a means of identification and, a few years later, so did America.