means of livelihood

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But the writer of the article in question goes on to point out, with insight and justice, that for a great number of people (20,000, I think he says) it is a means of livelihood - that it is, in his own words, an industry.
There is nothing so degrading as the constant anxiety about one's means of livelihood.
Madame Granson, widow of a lieutenant-colonel of artillery killed at Jena, possessed, as her whole means of livelihood, a meagre pension of nine hundred francs a year, and three hundred francs from property of her own, plus a son whose support and education had eaten up all her savings.
Ryabinin's children will have means of livelihood and education, while yours maybe will not
The costs which fall on farmers are heavy, including additional vet fees and medicines, time wasted in inspections, disruption of livestock management routines, the loss of normal trading activities and even the means of livelihood, interest charges on borrowings to cover lost income, and so on - the list is almost endless.
One recent dispute took place in the northeastern province of Heilongjiang in December when thousands of farmers in the Fujin area called for state ownership of land to be scrapped to stop government officials from seizing their sole means of livelihood.
An analogy can be made, I believe, with our own "War Between the States," whose final days in the 1860s included General Sherman's infamous "March to the Sea" and the total devastation of all lying in the path of his army--lives, homes, and the means of livelihood with the destruction of crops and cattle.
Alan Berry denies vehemently that he has acted in any way improperly and seeks to resume his role as a trainer which is his sole means of livelihood.
Displaced and deprived of their traditional means of livelihood, the Afro-Ecuadorians settled around the Awa people's territory, the only remaining patch of pristine Choco ecosystem in Ecuador.
Some means of livelihood were often found for dependent relatives.
As spring gathers, though, a threat to this community's traditional means of livelihood will begin to arrive.
The rural populations of nations hard-hit by HIV/AIDS are critical to this effort, both because they constitute a vital food production resource and because--if their means of livelihood is undermined--migration to already overstressed cities may result.