means of restraint

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An official from the Islamic Jihad told Gulf News that his movement's cadre had been instructed to employ the highest means of restraint and discipline and to never to act on their own.
One of them was Sam Bawden, who used wholly inappropriate, excessive and unlawful means of restraint.
Mechanical means of restraint may not be used during transfer of a mental health care user or within a health establishment unless pharmacological or other means of calming, physical means of restraint or seclusion of the user are inadequate to ensure that the user does not harm him- or herself or others.
Where mechanical means of restraint are required in order to administer pharmacological treatment, such means should be applied for as short a period, depending on the condition of the mental health care user concerned, as is necessary to effect the treatment.
Whenever mechanical means of restraint is utilised:
b) the form of mechanical means of restraint, the time period used, the times when the mental health care user was observed and the reason for administering such means of restraint must be outlined by the medical practitioner in the register contemplated in paragraph (a); and
2] During drying, torsional forces would be applied via the mechanical couple generated between sequential layers of stickers or by other means of restraint.
21) This states that operators of care facilities (22) must not use physical, chemical or other means of restraint to restrict the freedom of movement of an adult who lives in that facility unless: all alternatives have been exhausted; the restraint is as minimal as possible; the patient/substitute decision-maker and a physician approve a plan devised by another health care provider agreeing that it is in the patient's best interest or for the protection of others; and the need for restraint is periodically reassessed.
Twice in 14 first-half minutes, the left-back resorted to illegal means of restraint - a late lunge then a daft tug.
These belts were originally designed to control physically violent defendants for whom no other means of restraint by law enforcement agents was possible," said Elizabeth Schroeder, assistant executive director of the ACLU-Southern California.
He believed, however, in the ability of humans to allay these disasters with reasoning and logical means of restraint.