means of support

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The first fact that I learned, was the very important one that the vicomtesse had lost all her usual means of support by the late revolution, and the consequent exile of the dauphine.
She said murdered Mohammed Nadeem Siddique, known as Toby, was the only means of support for her and her three children.
KIND chief executive and founder Stephen Yip today said: "Every donation or means of support we have received has made a difference and helped us to give thousands of disadvantaged children and families across Merseyside a Christmas to remember.
Vice President Tariq al-Hashimi called on the world's countries to, "Provide all means of support to help Iraq recuperate.
SANDS employs many means of support to allow everyone to have the best way to find help, with a national helpline, support forum, local groups, support leaflets and a website: www.
The Death Becomes Her star hit the shops on Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood without any visible means of support.
A small Baptist church in Midtown, which asked to remain anonymous, has parlayed its relatively few commercial real estate properties into a means of support.
One month later, she dropped out of school and moved to Atlanta, GA, with a man 10 years her senior and without a discernible means of support.
The editor of the book says that it was written in part to provide money for Lee, who had no ready means of support after his repatriation.
OROSCOPO, 2003, hugs the wall by the ramp leading to the upper level, its means of support invisible against its ground by dint of their shared royal blue hue.
Vagrancy--The violation of a court order, regulation, ordinance, or law requiring the withdrawal of persons from the streets or other specified areas; prohibiting persons from remaining in an area or place in an idle or aimless manner; or prohibiting persons from going from place to place without visible means of support.
5m above the ground, but this minimal means of support results in virtually unimpeded circulation through and around the terminal.