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The ones he has penned, often as a far-right dissenter, rank him as the most conservative Justice of the last hundred years, but that will probably mean less in the coming political machinations than that he has been taciturn and meanspirited, traits that Bush seems to admire and reward.
Esfandiar (Abbas Esfandiari) is the violent, meanspirited and heartily disliked boss of an old opium-smoking gravedigger, a dizzy young boy assigned to burn the dead's clothing, and a dignified widow named Delbar (Delbar Ghasri) who washes the bodies of dead women.
The Master Butchers Singing Club is filled with the usual cast of colorful Erdrichean individuals: an outcast garbage picker, an incorrigible alcoholic, a meanspirited spinster, a traveling showman, and a feminist undertaker, among others.
It may seem meanspirited to look critically at the major work of a distinguished author now deceased, but since we are dealing with a large, costly work with an imposing title, we are compelled to examin e it strictly on its own terms.
Richard North Patterson's novel Protect and Defend tells a familiar story: Meanspirited conservatives, Republicans, and Christian Right anti-abortion fanatics in Washington, D.
In an ideal world of unlimited resources, only the meanspirited would deny coverage for infertility treatments, but in our world, we're forced to rate competing claims of suffering and injustice when we allocate funds: We prioritize.
Specifically, the couple's announcement was met with a meanspirited personal attack by Robert Knight of the Family Research Council.
These are laudable suggestions, but unfortunately unrealistic in light of this country's increasing conservatism, an unwillingness of our leaders to seriously revise budget categories so that social programs are highlighted, and a growth in meanspirited proposals that would erase social programs altogether.
The battle over the budget has also left three out of 10 Americans with the view that politics in Washington is more meanspirited than in the past, and six out of 10 expect the budget standoff to drag on for a long time, the poll shows.
Disingenuous, too - for instance when telling a peculiarly meanspirited anecdote about a 1988 reception at Gracie Mansion: Close, minutes befores he is hospitalized, is rude to Agnes Gund, the collector and MoMA trustee, who had approached him for a commission.
With unrelenting consistency in recent years, the Vatican has appointed to the American hierarchy men who are meanspirited careerists -- inept, incompetent, insensitive bureaucrats who are utterly indifferent to their clergy and laity.
I have found myself bending over backward to find something to praise in a weak book, in order to make my criticism seem credible and show I'm not being meanspirited.