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I remember Pat Buchanan's speech, you know how meanspirited it was.
What constitutes negative campaigning is usually a matter of perspective; tactics that to one voter seem misleading, meanspirited, and immoral, can impart to another important and relevant information about how the candidate would perform under the pressures of public office.
I am not trying to be meanspirited, but I do want to be clear.
The Master Butchers Singing Club is filled with the usual cast of colorful Erdrichean individuals: an outcast garbage picker, an incorrigible alcoholic, a meanspirited spinster, a traveling showman, and a feminist undertaker, among others.
At a time when the Liverpool's finest are giving strong support to the city's Capital of Culture bid, those who talk it down have never looked so meanspirited - or so outdated.
It may seem meanspirited to look critically at the major work of a distinguished author now deceased, but since we are dealing with a large, costly work with an imposing title, we are compelled to examin e it strictly on its own terms.
Redival, for instance, is often shallow and meanspirited but also quite beautiful; conversely, Bardia's wife, Ansit, is good and loving but homely.
Head of household filing status * Head of household status should This recommendation be available with respect to a is meanspirited.
Richard North Patterson's novel Protect and Defend tells a familiar story: Meanspirited conservatives, Republicans, and Christian Right anti-abortion fanatics in Washington, D.
A narrow-minded, meanspirited minority has arisen with homophobia as its central concern, but with misogyny as a primary undercurrent.
The battle over the budget has also left three out of 10 Americans with the view that politics in Washington is more meanspirited than in the past, and six out of 10 expect the budget standoff to drag on for a long time, the poll shows.
Disingenuous, too - for instance when telling a peculiarly meanspirited anecdote about a 1988 reception at Gracie Mansion: Close, minutes befores he is hospitalized, is rude to Agnes Gund, the collector and MoMA trustee, who had approached him for a commission.