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We try to show that for Smith the labour has a double role -as source and measure of value-, and that to it is due the confusion that generates his use of some terms: Smith proposes labour as a measure of value because he conceives it as a source of value.
Does he consider it an external measure of value or numeraire, as can be gold or silver, or does he consider it (as Ricardo or Marx do) the foundation, the original source, the substance of value?
Return on customer (ROC) can be expressed as a mathematical equation, but to the authors, it's a measure of value creation--and a key metric to drive decisions about a host of business issues, including financial reporting and business combinations.
Critics have pointed to shortcomings in the embedded value methodology and question whether it is really the true best measure of value.
As a result, the bid price may not be a true measure of value.
This is true despite the fact that this linkage turned out to be less strict than Ricardo wished because of the qualifications, which he himself mostly recognized |Blaug, 1966; Schumpeter, 1963; Stigler, 1958~, to both his embodied labor theory of the determinant of relative price |Caravale, 1985, 1988; Johnson, 1984, 1991~ and his theory of the measure of value |Caravale and Tosato, 1980~.
Our research team employs fundamental analysis to arrive at a measure of value.
Adept SmartModules are the new measure of value in flexible automation, and we wanted to deliver that same value with the long standing AdeptModules product line," noted Joe Campbell, vice president of marketing for Adept Technology.
The sum of these seven cost areas is what a consumer can expect to spend, and the true measure of value.
The ratio measuring price to growth is a standard measure of value used to analyze and compare various stocks.
Said Ratner, "Exceptional service is the only true measure of value in the highly competitive Eastern market.