measured size

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Another impressive result was that recovery increased in all measured size classes.
Replacement of Top horizontal cast iron bars to measured size on site 20 number approx.
Searching for solids Of a subset of exoplanets with measured size and mass, most that are less than 1.
Overall, little variability was found in the measured size on either device (overall size ranges: Scepter instrument, 6.
One of the earliest studies of the concentration in the life insurance industry was done by Athearn (1960) who measured size by total assets held.
A new match honing process produces bore specifications to match the measured size of individual pins, plungers, or pistons that may have dimensional inconsistencies due to special plating, coating, or other treatment.
There is a good correlation between planimetric and volumetric measured size of mastoid air cell system as reported by Flisberg & Zsigmond (1965).
No sign of the machine at Scholl; instead the assistant used a wooden ruler with a level that slid down to the top of my toes The assistant cheerfully informed me that when I was standing up my feet measured size 4 1 /2 but sitting down they shrank to 3 1 /2.
SANS experiments with polarized neutrons [4] have measured size distributions of magnetic nanoparticles in samples.
In all subjects, total respiratory deposition fraction (DF) for each measured size range (> 10 nm) followed the same pattern predicted by the ICRP model, and in some individuals, deposition exceeded the predicted fraction.
Developments in digital image processing analyzers have extended the measured size range to 30 mm or larger.