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A section on 'Historical Contexts' is the first and meatiest of five constituent parts.
From seven main courses we opted for the meatiest - fillet of Scotch beef (cooked perfectly pink, succulent and tender) was served with spinach, braised banana shallot, oxtail, potato shell and horseradish foam; while rack of Lighthorne lamb, butternut squash puree and confit garlic was a similar triumph.
His second feature, Grain in Ear, gave the 2006 Los Angeles Film Festival one of its meatiest foreign entries, though it surely looks more like a lean work of cinematic architecture than the polemic on power play that it quietly stages.
The Air Force's meatiest doctrine publication, AFDD 2 describes much of what the service does at the operational level of war.
The treatment of the Mandate (chapters 3-4) and the shift to self rule (chapter 5) make up the meatiest part of the book.
The second, and meatiest section of the book (about 60 pages), is a presentation of selected Ojibwa stories or narratives collected by William Jones west and north of Lake Superior in the early 1900s.
Since leaving Weatherfield, the actress has appeared in high-profile shows such as The Royal and Where The Heart Is but this will be her meatiest role to date.
Buying The Bathers--possibly the meatiest, fleshiest back and backside in the history of art--may have been the most audacious thing Bruyas ever did, apart from running off to Italy instead of becoming a banker.
Spanky would call out to the meatiest of meatheads.
Levine and regarded by connoisseurs as one of the genre's meatiest and most disquieting (if titillatingly so) titles, the volume traces the otherwise standard adolescent rebellion (sex, drugs, and angst-driven interest in the occult) of sixteen-year-old Marlene Olive to its improbable outcome as she, with the help of her boyfriend, murders her parents and burns their bodies in an attempt to cover up the crime.
Meanwhile, most of Check Point's meatiest announcements have been related to its virtual private network business.