mechanical drawing

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Albert studied mechanical drawing with me for three-and-three-quarter years.
Both James 'grew up not knowing of the other, yet both sought lawenforcement training, both had abilities in mechanical drawing and carpentry, and each had married women named Linda.
a human being), the use of mechanical drawing aids dates at least to the Renaissance, when the camera obscura was used to transpose the seen world into two-dimensional, "truthful" representations.
Alan is telling me about his two-year stint in Nigeria in the 1980s where he taught mechanical drawing in a boys' boarding school.
She went on to become ``the only girl to take mechanical drawing (and) the only girl not to take home ec.
Carmignani was once his student in a mechanical drawing class.
The Stella McCartney Kids iPhone application includes special features such as a mechanical drawing game and the ability to instantly shop and browse the designer's collections through the online store.
A graduate of Massachusetts College of Art, she was a lifelong artist and a taught drawing, painting and mechanical drawing at Troy Conference Academy and Green Mount Junior College in Poultney, VT.
Subject of the tender is the conclusion of a framework agreement with several economic operators, on which to base the award of contracts Specific concerning the execution of contracts for the supply of the service creation and assembly of mechanical drawing.
He completed carpentry, cabinet making and mechanical drawing classes at Worcester Trade Extension Classes for Men in Worcester.
Essentially a sort of mechanical drawing in space with an exploded view that shows all the individual parts, it is based on the dichotomies inside/outside and organic/inorganic.
He graduated with a BS cum laude as a Tulane Scholar (Psychology/Chemistry/Physics); Neurobiology research, Marine Biology Laboratory, Woods Hole, Electrical Engineering, Louisiana State University; Mechanical Drawing, Morgan City Vocational Tech School; Radiological Monitoring, University of Michigan.