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Director CCRI maintained that the cotton would be picked twice mechanically and the picking charges would be lesser as compared to hand picking.
Clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company Arsanis Inc revealed on Tuesday that the first patient was dosed in a Phase 2 clinical study of its lead program, ASN100, to evaluate the safety, tolerability and efficacy of a single dose of ASN100 for the prevention of Staphylococcus aureus pneumonia in high-risk, mechanically ventilated patients, versus placebo.
A proposed rule that would have required beef products to carry labels that inform consumers that the product had been mechanically tenderized failed to make it through the federal bureaucracy before the end of 2014, meaning that the labeling mandate will not go into effect until Jan.
Our objective was to assess the frequency indications and immediate-outcomes in mechanically ventilated pediatric patients in tertiary-care center of developing country.
com)-- This requirement applies to all industry sectors selling uncooked mechanically tenderized beef including retailers, meat processors and importers.
8,727,650 B2; Craig Carroll of Newport Beach, CA and Steve Armstrong of San Juan Capistrano, CA patented a cosmetic dispenser that holds a substance; a body housing the reservoir; an applicator selectively extendable or retractable through an opening; and a cap for electively exposing and closing the opening for electively extending the applicator and exposing the opening, comprising (1) a pair of cap shoots coupled to the cap and (2) at least one flexor that is mechanically coupled to the cap and housing so that said means operates by mechanically forcing the cap off the opening via the cap shoots and away from the path of the applicator via the flexor; means for electively locking the extended applicator and, means for ejecting the substance.
has developed a version of its transparent high-barrier film, GL Film, that uses mechanically recycled PET film.
9912, a two-part epoxy mastic and mastic primer used to mechanically lock the lining to the concrete substrate.
This study assessed the impact of chewing and swallowing on satiety when compared to swallowing food that is mechanically masticated.
The three-year project aims to develop cost-effective up-scalable fabrication methodology, yielding mechanically robust aerogels with custom shapes.
RAWALPINDI, September 16, 2010 (Frontier Star): The Punjab traffic police have started crackdown against public buses and wagons that are mechanically unfit, here form Thursday while the campaign would remain continued for five days.
The granulated material is discharged downwards through the sizing screen out of the mill and can be carried away pneumatically or mechanically.

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