mechanics lien

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The 10 questions being asked the most by construction lawyers regarding the interaction between bankruptcy laws and mechanics lien laws in the upcoming year
4 million in outstanding common charges, pay the $17 million in outstanding mechanics liens and would pour millions of dollars into Sheffield57 to complete construction of the project.
DWC's new Small Business Division is well suited for small operating companies and simple rents and profits real estate receiverships that don't encompass mechanics liens, litigation, construction, entitlements or detailed forensic analysis.
In addition to the outstanding mezzanine and mortgage loans, Swig has been hit by millions of dollars in mechanics liens by contractors who have not been paid since late 2008.
This loan is in non-monetary default as the borrower is clearing mechanics liens.
satisfaction of all of the outstanding mechanics liens on OESI's
the parent company of The Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino regarding mechanics liens filed against The Venetian.