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INFANTICIDE, med. juris. The murder of a new born infant, Dalloz, Dict. Homicide, Sec. 4; Code Penal, 300. There is a difference between this offence and those known by the name of prolicide, (q.v.) and foeticide. (q.v.)
     2. To commit infanticide the child must be wholly born; it is not. Sufficient that it was born so far as the head and breathed, if it died before it was wholly born. 5 Carr. & Payn. 329; 24 Eng. C. L. Rep. 344; S. C. 6 Carr: & Payn. 349; S. C. 25 Eng. C. L. Rep. 433.
     3. When this crime is to be proved from circumstances, it is proper to consider whether the child had attained that size and maturity by which it would have been enabled to maintain an independent existence; whether it was born alive; and, if born alive, by what means it came to its death. 1 Beck's Med. Jur. 331 to 428, where these several questions are learnedly considered. See also 1 Briand, Med Leg. prem. part. c. 8 Cooper's Med. Jur. h.t. Vide Ryan's Med. Jur. 137; Med. Jur. 145, 194; Dr. Cummin's Proof of Infanticide considered Lecieux, Considerations Medico-legales sur l'Infanticide; Duvergie, Medicine Legale, art. Infanticide.

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Meconium peritonitis occurs when a bowel wall rupture occurring during late fetal life or early postnatal life allows meconium to enter the peritoneal cavity.
The placenta in meconium staining: lesions and early neonatal outcome.
28) The applicability of the biochip array to the screening of meconium specimens has been reported, and the data indicate an accuracy > 90% (amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine metabolite, methadone, and phencyclidine) and 88% (cannabinoids) when compared with other methodologies.
An improved method for rapidly quantifying fatty acid ethyl esters in meconium suitable for prenatal alcohol screening.
A dose--response relationship was found between low birth weight and both DBP in cord blood and MBP (the metabolite of DBP) in meconium.
Meconium aspiration syndrome is a life-threatening condition that affects 2% to 5% of infants born through meconium-stained amniotic fluid.
The remaining nine papers discuss toxic element testing with clinical specimens; alcohol testing; urinary adulterants and drugs of abuse testing; hair, oral fluid, sweat, and meconium testing for drugs of abuse; abused and designer drugs and how they escape detection; interpretation of amphetamines screening and confirmation testing; clinical false-positive drug test results; and providing expert witness for alcohol and positive drugs of abuse test results.
At the time of delivery, there were copious amounts of meconium exuding through the incision at the entrance to the uterine cavity.
Meconium peritonitis results from intrauterine gastrointestinal perforation, and can occur as early as the second trimester.
The aims of this research were to (a) investigate self-reported cannabis use patterns, (b) compare self-reported cannabis use history and meconium cannabinoid results, (c) determine if the presence or concentration of cannabinoids in meconium predict growth deficits, and (d) evaluate whether there is an association between cannabis exposure and neonatal outcomes among tobacco-exposed neonates.