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This was about the forgotten countryside, the slow, meddlesome one, the one that is gradually being depleted year-after-year of people who wanted to stay there with its old pepper-vines that clambered across broken brick walls, its ponds - more algae green than sky-blue with no admirers and even less dissenters.
He added, "Our [hostile] stance toward the US is due to its controlling and meddlesome attitude".
A just-released Arab American Institute survey revealed that each year since 2006, Iran's standing among other Middle East nations has declined, so much so that today majorities in most countries in the Middle East and North Africa see Iran as a meddlesome source of sectarian disruption.
Besides overhauling a moribund economy, Sharif, with his conservative Pakistan Muslim League, wants to end his country's decades-old feud with India and put Pakistan's meddlesome generals in their place.
In a statement, parliament chairman Dr Khalifa Al Dhahrani strongly rejected Iran's meddlesome policies which flout the principles of good neighbourliness.
The eventual winner is to be rewarded by the newspaper with her own advice column, as well as the satisfaction of having been officially recognized as the most overbearing, meddlesome, and thoroughly unbearable person on Earth.
al), and prove to that meddlesome brother once and for all that you're smarter than he is.
Make 'em smile is a good policy for the theatre, and Jack Popplewell's amusing story of how a meddlesome office cleaning woman has detectives tearing their hair in frustration certainly achieves that object.
Listen out for Paul Lambert calling the assistant referee a "fusspot" or his opposite number Keith Millen labelling the arbiter "a meddlesome old know-it-all who jolly well ought to keep his nose out of other people's business.
Iran has become the least popular and most meddlesome among Iraq's neighbours.
For the sake of my marriage, I may need to give up my drinking buddies or my meddlesome parent.
This is in no way lesbian love however; it's the love of a lonely meddlesome woman for beauty life and a surrogate child.