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Q: As we consider adding additional media types such as e-mail and Web chat to our contact center, are there certain things we should consider in order to improve our success rate?
To achieve the greatest flexibility in creating a tiered mobile storage infrastructure, and the best match of media to data protection requirements, requires storage libraries or data centers that support multiple media types.
When choosing a media type for storage, the longevity of the media must support the disposition of the records types that will be stored on it.
Unfortunately, the state of the art of search engines for media types other than text lags far behind their text counterparts.
CrossMediator for Video is a multimedia platform which supports and manages data of different media types including video, still image, sound, and text in a consistent manner.
But since backup applications need to deal with tape pools of exactly the same type of drive and media, different tape drive and media types within the same library will stump them.
com, a social utility revolving around movie reviews, are leveraging the platform to empower users to discover content they love based upon the MatchKey[TM], a sophisticated digital representation of a user's personal interests and tastes across multiple media types.
Using the 80-20 rule (80% of data access is targeted to only 20% of the data within a repository), a hierarchical storage management system with a blend of media types can provide an economical system for storing all enterprise information by keeping the active 20% of data on disk and the remaining inactive 80% of data only on tape.
Ontrack Data Recovery offers everything from do-it-yourself software to customized service solutions allowing recovery anywhere, anytime from virtually any operating system, storage or media type and cause of data loss.
The release of Compliant Write Once media adds a third UDO media type to the existing Rewritable and True Write Once formats.
Available in print and online editions, the new directory includes more than 2000 ethnic media organizations in practically every state; online listings updated daily; in-depth profiles and photos of the key players in ethnic media; and a custom search feature by city, state, language, media type and ethnicity.
While the archives will shed light on papal attitudes to these dictators and totalitarianisms, various media types are slavering at the mouth in prospect of uncovering damning evidence against the Pope they love to hate, Pins XII, then Vatican Secretary of State.