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Even when contact centers integrate multiple media types on the customer end, they don't always connect the dots at the agent end.
Another fact to consider is how the media type may affect your ability to maintain dissimilar disposition schedules.
We will use images as an example, even though this model can be used for other media types as well.
With each use, the MatchKey learns and evolves preferences across media types, providing a richer, more intuitive discovery experience for the user.
The assorted media types were doing what media types do - badmouthing other media types.
AMASS is designed to provide long term automated access to organizations' key digital assets in a variety of high capacity, removable storage media types.
Students can search for content by specific reference type or across media types, and by questions, phrases or keywords.
The Web differs from other data collections used in TREC in a variety of ways: size; variety of subject matter, media types, languages, and presentation styles; lack of specific editorial control; explicit links among documents; frequent changes to documents; and generated content.
Features include a component that keeps track of aggregate user interaction with the MTS3 content over time and seamless integration with other media types such as vector graphics, object movies and iPIX panoramas, enabling 3D objects to blend and interact with other elements and media types on a web page.
Fiber Cabling Forecasts Structured Cabling Systems Forecast by Media Types Total Structured Cabling Systems Forecast by Major Product Types
Policies can be set to include protection of data on different media types as an automated attribute of the managed system.
The Phaser 7300 handles a variety of media types, including standard office paper, labels, transparencies and custom media up to 12" x 36", enabling maximum office productivity.