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I hit a traffic jam and follow an SUV across the median strip to an exit where I stop take a picture of a small office complex with its second-story front and roof gone.
Seven years after the accident there was a civil trial because the state had not installed a required $80 metal safety barrier on the highway's median strip.
Alvarez fired several shots at O'Neal from a rear window, and O'Neal rammed the back of their car twice, and both cars swerved off the road, coming to rest on the highway's grassy median strip.
Manassas is in danger of becoming a green median strip surrounded by sprawl and traffic," says Oakes.
The three incidents suggested that the narrower the median strip and the higher the traffic volumes, the greater the chances for a head-on collision.
The bees have ranged a bit beyond City Hall, apparently traveling a few blocks east to Grant Park and to the tulips in the median strip of Michigan Avenue.
The third serviceman is injured when his Humvee runs over a land mine that had been buried, apparently the night before, in a median strip between the lanes of a busy expressway near the airport.
The other car chased them and their vehicle hit a median strip about 80 meters down the road when it failed to make a curve, the police quoted the driver of the other car as saying.
Her Ford Explorer crossed a dusty median strip on state Highway 101 about five miles north of Ventura and toppled on its side, he said.
When we couldn't find an empty field, we would either challenge the winners of the current match, or set up shop on the median strip of Route 7.
After all, it just might be the case that "the best way to help your city government and have fun is to come out on a Saturday morning and pull weeds in a median strip.