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Dupuis, when presenting and defending his views on the church's limited mediatorial role for "the others," enlisted the support of Yves Congar.
He could not agree with the rabbinic denial of the need for any mediatorial priesthood between a holy God and sinful people, much less for the need of a prophetic order to call people to repentance and faith.
Both mediatorial roles depend on an eternal divine decree.
Samuel Davies, The Mediatorial Kingdom and Glories of Jesus Christ, in Sermons on the Most Useful and Important Subjects (London: J.
Christ's mediatorial work beyond his appearance in the flesh.
But in so far as the said love is mutual, it is objectivized and therefore personal, distinct from the Father and the Son, its originators, and existing between them as their bond and thus allowing to the Holy Spirit an active, mediatorial role reflected in the economy but not envisaged in the earlier model.
48) Calvin's aversion to the mediatorial role of the mother of God was easily translated into a popular idiom and could be simply stated: devotion to Mary is blasphemous and must be abolished.
By such an insistence neither Mary herself, nor her participation in Christ's mediatorial role is diminished.
Or should we deny any mediatorial role, as some elements of the Reformation were eventually to do?
Despite this rather glaring problem, the Nicene theologians chose to retain language underscoring the Son's divinity when the threat to impassibility could easily have been neutralized by assigning the Son a mediatorial, subordinate role.