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These studies indicate that parental attachment could play a mediatory role between intergenerational conflict and Christian spirituality as well.
He said the world of today, which goes misunderstanding each other, is in dire need to such mediatory platform where they come together, listen to each other and discuss everything.
Moscow emphasised that it would recognise the Transitional National Council as a legitimate party to any future peace talks, and stressed that "Russia maintains contacts with Tripoli and Benghazi", while encouraging them to "take a constructive position, (assume) responsibility, and sit down at the negotiating table on the basis of mediatory proposals put forward by the African Union and the UN".
TOKYO/SHANGHAI, Mar 28, 2011 (TUR) -- One of leading newspapers in Japan said that Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu was eager to have a mediatory role in Libya.
Oil giants Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are also surpassing Egypt financially, while a lightweight like Qatar has further dug into the mediatory championing efforts that Cairo once dominated.
Did the priest, acting in the person of Christ, effectively convey the dignity of his mediatory role?
Positing Austen as an author believing "it impossible for any person to imagine the nation," she presents Persuasion as a novel firmly believing in the mediatory power of institutions like the Navy in this endeavor--which of necessity "define individuals' obligations to the nation as a whole and the people within it" (118).
Around Friday afternoon, when former Indian foreign secretary Shyam Saran was readying to leave for New Delhi after wrapping up his three-day mediatory trip to Nepal as Manmohan Singh's envoy, Sharma said he received a call from a man who described himself as Das from the Indian consular service and threatened to abduct him if he did not mend his ways.
Ban Ki- moon said that most Security Council-mandated missions today include an important mediatory role, typically carried out by the Head of Mission, in recognition of the fact that the need for diplomacy persists throughout the conflict cycle.
ALTHOUGH THEY RETAIN THEIR importance in the network of creative industries, as public institutions museums have lost much of their mediatory power and, further, have lost their privileged position in defining what we understand to be culture.
Yoruba masquerade performances are particularly illustrative of this mediatory role.
But our appeal has always been in our mediatory position - we don't take sides.