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noun affability, amenity, amiability, chivalry, civility, comitas, comity, complaisance, cordiality, courteous conduct, courteousness, deference, elegance of manners, etiquette, excellence of behavior, friendliness, gallantry, geniality, gentility, good behavior, good breeding, good manners, graciousness, manners, officium, polished manners, polite act, politeness, refinement, respect, reverence, suavity, tact, urbanitas, urbanity
See also: benefit, benevolence, comity, consideration, decorum, deference, favor, honor, propriety, protocol, respect

COURTESY, OR CURTESY, Scotch law. A right which vests in the husband, and is in the nature of a life-rent. It is a counterpart of the terce. Courtesy requires, 1st. That there shall have been a living child born of the marriage, who is heir of the wife, or who, if surviving, would have been entitled to succeed. 2d. That the wife shall have succeeded to the subjects in question as heir either of line, or of talzie, or of provision. 1 Bell's Com. 61; 2 Ersk. 9, 53. See Curtesy.

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Hospitals are struggling to make the new breed of medical staff fit into the old mold and are finding that there just doesn't seem to be a staff category into which they fit.
The second edition of this book/CD-ROM resource for medical staff services departments is revised to reflect changes in hospital accreditation standards and practices, and contains updated information on healthcare technology and legal issues.
Since joining the medical staff in 1991, Jarjour has been actively involved in the organization as an obstetrician/gynecologist staff consultant for Northridge Hospital's Family Practice Residency Program, where she has twice been elected Teacher of the Year.
In general, it is advisable for medical staff to make all the medical entries.
A hospital that recruits a medical staff physician who is to perform services for or on behalf of the organization successfully satisfies the operational test by showing that the compensation paid to the physician is reasonable compared to the services the physician is providing in return.
Clinical monitoring and evaluation indicators for the newly added specialties must be incorporated into the current medical staff QA/QI program.
Inevitably, the interests of some members of a medical staff diverge from the interests of other members, the medical staff organization or the hospital itself.
In 1978, he moved to Southern California, where he joined the medical staff at Newhall Memorial and worked at various other Southland hospitals.
Stuart Weinberg -- Staff members may be reluctant to store their prescription medications with the camp medical staff for reasons of confidentiality.
Fifty percent of each LP would be held by the corporation and 50% sold to medical staff physicians.
National Survey Studies Medical Staff Structures and Practices
We provide medical staff in a wide spectrum of clinical disciplines and assignment lengths.

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