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LAHORE -- Despite launch of massive crackdown against spurious medicines, dozens of brands of unapproved, fake and unregistered medicines of different categories including aphrodisiac, alopathy, Unani and herbal are still available in market.
Practicing evidence-based medicine (EBM) is essential for demonstrating to society that health care professionals can predictably apply the science of medicine.
The institute blends traditional medicine with holistic therapies such as acupuncture, therapeutic touch, and massage therapy.
Many people are aware that the roots of Chinese medicine go back thousands of years, but where do they go and what is the basis for this medicine's understanding of human health?
She also found a way to combine her interest in sports and emergency medicine after hours--by volunteering medical support at races and other sporting events.
Many books describe DNA in medicine, from monographs to multiple-author heavy volumes, but the uniqueness of this single-author introductory textbook of molecular medicine is that it simplifies the seemingly complex concepts of DNA in medicine so that readers can find an easy entry into the world of molecular medicine.
Deepal Ekanayake is a physician of internal medicine at Kaiser's Lancaster Medical Offices.
In contrast, according to Scalzo, "A lot of the pre-clinical research on botanical medicine is done through in-vitro studies, and if no toxicity is found, human trials can occur.
Given the strong interest in sleep medicine by Otolaryngologists at a number of university-based centers and by a cadre of Otolaryngology practitioners who have expanded beyond the surgical management of sleep disorders to disease evaluation and medical management, the OTO RRC petitioned to be included in the discussions about Sleep Medicine.
Keywords: Contributions of Ibn Sina in various sciences; Islamic philosophy of science; health and medicine in Islam; Ibn Sina and contemporary Islamic intellectual thought.
In the last 10 years, alternative medicine has become wildly popular in the United States.
Once again we are indebted to the late Professor Roger French and to the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine.