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I was no boy of fourteen, living the mediocre ways of the sleepy town called Oakland.
He was one of that large class of purely mechanical and perfectly mediocre persons connected with the practice of the law who will probably, in a more advanced state of science, be superseded by machinery.
The quality of the verse, generally mediocre at the outset, has often suffered much in transmission from generation to generation.
A deputy of talent understands the reasons for which a government exists; the mediocre deputy simply comes to terms with force.
It would cause infinite misery and bring about most awful disturbances in this rather mediocre, but still idealistic fool's paradise in which each of us lives his own little life--the unit in the great sum of existence.
It can serve no purpose with the ordinary, mediocre type of man.
In sincerity of feeling and openness of statement, these words went far beyond anything that had ever been said in this home, kept up on the wages of a secret industry eked out by the sale of more or less secret wares: the poor expedients devised by a mediocre mankind for preserving an imperfect society from the dangers of moral and physical corruption, both secret too of their kind.
Their Utopias inspire in the mass of mediocre minds a disgust of reality and a contempt for the secular logic of human development.
Oxnard-Ventura had 8 percent (17 miles) fair roads and 3 percent (6 miles) good roads, 30 percent (61 miles) poor roads and 59 percent (120 miles) mediocre roads.
It's a luxury Justin Holtfreter never experienced calling signals for mediocre football teams at Quartz Hill High and Antelope Valley College.
Invincible'' is slated as a possible series, except that tonight's conclusion suggests Zane may not be a part of it, which would make a mediocre thing worse.
This decision ought to make the difference between mediocre and great wines," Meier stated with confidence.