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I'm put in mind of what Dail said in a lead essay for JNCHC a few years back that meditated upon a question like the one I'm entertaining here--"What is Honors?
She knew what Mysteries we meditated upon every day of the week.
They are, for the most part, massive exaggerations of scale that speak of the closeness with which the artist has meditated upon nature's process, to a point where the slightest change, say in the gradual cracking of a seed pod or minuscule swell of a husk are seen and felt as anyone else might feel the quaking of the earth, or a river bursting its banks.
As I meditated upon this fact, I realized how blessed I was to be healthy, happy and bowhunting.
Each section contains an initial portrait, reflections, chronicles, a list of companions with beautiful colored illustrations, a quality meditated upon (by the tree), a poem by Brian Mitchell about the message of the tree, and some facts about the tree's companions.
In Shapiro's poem, the lion--both terrible and beautiful--stands at the nexus of a host of connections, both fearful and laudatory, which can be meditated upon at great length.