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Sam continued to sit on the large stone, meditating upon what was best to be done, and revolving in his mind a plan for knocking at all the doors within five miles of Bristol, taking them at a hundred and fifty or two hundred a day, and endeavouring to find Miss Arabella by that expedient, when accident all of a sudden threw in his way what he might have sat there for a twelvemonth and yet not found without it.
She said nothing for a moment, but rested one hand, which was bare of glove, upon the rail in front of her, meditating upon a variety of things, of which one was that this strange young man pronounced Dante as she was used to hearing it pronounced, and another, that he had, most unexpectedly, a feeling about life that was familiar to her.
He had, it seems, been meditating upon them ever since.
I spent the morning by myself, meditating upon the changes that were taking place in my life, getting a grip on my "maturity.
With it in mind, consider meditating upon baby Jesus and the fireball greening within his tiny, compassionate heart.
It was then when a Liverpool merchant sat quietly in his parlour meditating upon the affairs of his business.
To even complicate the story, let alone allow alternative interpretations, would subvert her project of meditating upon guilt.
He said: "The one thing that I think Plaid would profit from meditating upon, is the fact Saunders Lewis from the outset argued Plaid Cymru should not pursue independence.
The fact that the answer is "Yes, it could," is not easy to face up to, but it is something worth meditating upon as you assess your operation.
Meditating upon and then living the wisdom in this beautiful book can bring us closer to the day when, as Swami Prabhavananda declared, "the omnipresent, omniscient, immortal Lord of the Universe becomes revealed as the Lord of the heart--the Supreme Self.