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I sat for hours cross-legged, and cross-tempered, upon my silks meditating upon the queer freaks chance plays upon us poor devils of mortals.
by her urging) drawn up and signed, Sheldon paced up and down for a full hour, meditating upon how many different kinds of a fool he had made of himself.
This veritable global and historical trek ultimately returns to meditating upon the centrality of Jesus in Christian life, and to highlighting the importance of individuals who discover their own unique calls to saintly lives.
I spent the morning by myself, meditating upon the changes that were taking place in my life, getting a grip on my "maturity.
With it in mind, consider meditating upon baby Jesus and the fireball greening within his tiny, compassionate heart.
It was then when a Liverpool merchant sat quietly in his parlour meditating upon the affairs of his business.
To even complicate the story, let alone allow alternative interpretations, would subvert her project of meditating upon guilt.
He said: "The one thing that I think Plaid would profit from meditating upon, is the fact Saunders Lewis from the outset argued Plaid Cymru should not pursue independence.