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A DIFFERENT COFFEE EXPERIENCE Starbucks Reserve Stores are made for those who would like to have a meditational coffee adventure.
Enlightenment, physiological state of supreme Quiet, results abruptly from the Meditational state through unitization of fragmented physiology of ordinary man.
Self-objectification, disordered eating, and depression: A test of meditational pathways.
An issue arising from many common meditational approaches (such as the Sobel test: Sobel, 1982) is that these approaches assume a normal distribution amongst both predictors and outcomes (see Hayes, 2009, for a discussion of these issues), whereas bootstrapping of indirect effects via latent variable structural equation modelling or OLS regression (e.
Given the interrelations between self-regulation and resilience,17 the study further contributed by testing meditational role of resilience between self-regulation and quality of life.
The main idea of the event--to make ourselves take a break from the daily rush and just take a deep breath and think about the part of our lives which we would like to change or make better--is like a musical and meditational experience to seek inner peace.
Many helpful physical, meditational, and vocal exercise approaches are employed in this chapter.
Examination of the meditational influences of peer norms, environmental influences and parent communications on heavy drinking in athletes and non-athletes.
And Jesuit drama continued to develop in new directions, with meditational plays emerging in significant quantities, more plays getting into print, and additional performances taking place in individual classes.
Part of the You and the Universe Book Series, "Borning In and Borning Out" is delicately illustrated meditational book about the miracle of being, coming into being, and going out of being, life and death.
These are some of the questions answered in "Levitation: What It Is, How It Works, How to Do It", a startling book by Steve Richards that lays bare the occult meditational techniques by which the mind can lift the body off the ground.
Balance between her discursive and meditational styles frames Cleary's essential project: to listen to how an intelligent woman thinks when uninterrupted.