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Meeds, a mother of two who has worked as an environmental health officer and health educator for the last 14 years, has also included a helpful teachers guide and information package at the end of the book.
MEED Insights latest research report aims to provide a comprehensive review of the power and water generation sector in the GCC since 2005 and assess the outlook for one of the regions most dynamic sectors up to 2019.
Part of her goal in writing this book, explained Meeds, was to send out this message, a gentle way of saying, Hey, it's everywhere, even a kid can get it.
The drawings really show us what Meeds calls, the importance of love and family and how someone dying of AIDS would need all the love and support he could get from his family and friends.
Emanuel Rouvelas, chairman of Preston Gates Ellis & Rouvelas Meeds LLP, said, "David's honor is an extraordinary event in the life of the firm and something of which everyone associated with David can be very proud.