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They failed to score a single goal in six of their last seven games making it the meekest of surrenders.
They say the McLaren 650S operates on a short fuse; twist the ignition and it puts on a display of fury that would inspire the meekest of drivers to stamp the gas pedal into the floor.
Newcastle have now lost five consecutive home matches, four in the Premier League, and this was one of the meekest performances of the entire season.
Sex In ANY City (Martin Wood) Wish You Were Beer (Gerry Milligan) Stash In The Attic ( John Grant) Harry Hill's TV Burps And Farts ( Joe Haggart) Game Of Never Off The Throne, The Wright Arm Stuff (Stevie Newton) Very Loose Women, Have I Got Booze For You (Alex Smith) Murder, She Talked ( John Bruce) Cathy Don't Come Home, Handcock's Half Hour, The Meekest Link, Are You Being Serfed?
IT MAY SEEM AT FIRST GLANCE PERVERSE TO DISCUSS MANSFIELD PARK-- the Austen novel featuring her quietest, meekest, most unobtrusive heroine--in terms of noise.
Week after week, half-empty stadiums stage the meekest of contests, while those watching at home on television take to social networks to express their despair at the spectacles unfolding in front of them.
On the other end, Bill, who sounded like the meekest man on the planet, was suitably wowed, told me to go ahead--"whatever you think is best," he said, as if I was the one who was supposed to give him orders--and called me back the next day and told me to come on in and pack a lunch, they'd start training me right away.
What he meant by this, was that sometimes even the meekest among us will come across a wrong which they are willing to fight to right.
The reason he isn't was showcased against Barcelona on Wednesday, when he repeatedly hit the deck like a sack of manure, after turning away from the meekest of challenges with the grimace of a sniper's victim.
West Indies skipper Darren Sammy was left to reflect on the meekest of exits from the tournament, but believes a youthful side will learn from their disappointment.
Indeed, the New York Times got all huffy when the possibility of a $100 billion cut was proposed by some in the GOP--and that was one of the meekest offerings.
England began the penultimate day in the middle but surrendered their final wicket in the meekest of fashions, Stuart Broad aiming an ugly slap straight to mid-on with just one run added to the overnight total.