meet halfway

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That's why local music aficionados are looking forward to a weekend of something very different; music of substance that the listener must meet halfway.
So how did the two countries manage to meet halfway and agree to the resumption of summit talks?
Brainstorm some solutions in which you or your parents might be willing to meet halfway.
Asked if he would meet halfway people who may want to broach a solution for the good of the country, Keane replied, ``I want to play for Ireland - we will have to see.
Metallic orange ergonomic packaging has a hi-tech look and features a sphere in which a world map and a football meet halfway.
Next time there is a dispute, Broken Lizard would be prepared to meet halfway .
The Minister then called on citizens to meet halfway, despite their regions, religions or denominations.
The President had the chance to meet halfway by at least postponing the referendum, which was quite possible under a constitutional decree he issued himself giving the Constituent Assembly (CA) an additional two months period.
That means I'm opposed to it," Ozawa said after he and Noda failed to meet halfway over the prime minister's tax hike proposal during their meeting.
If you can persuade others to respect everyone else's views there will be less argument and more effort will be made to meet halfway.
Longbridge levelled on the hour mark but Lion hit two more to reach the final where they will meet Halfway or Ceol Castle.