meet the demands

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A distinguished gentleman of this city, H H , Esquire, having been compelled to SUSPEND, in consequence of the late robbery of the Bank of the United States by the cold-blooded miscreant whose hoary head disgraces the White House, felt himself bound to return an article of dress, purchased as recently as yesterday by his lovely daughter, and who, in every respect, was entitled to wear it, as she would have adorned it, receiving back the price, with a view to put it in the fund he is already collecting to meet the demands of his creditors.
The arrangement of his wholesale warehouse, so that it might be always ready to meet the demands of retail dealers history here, geography there, astronomy to the right, political economy to the left--natural history, the physical sciences, figures, music, the lower mathematics, and what not, all in their several places--this care had imparted to his countenance a look of care; while the habit of questioning and being questioned had given him a suspicious manner, or a manner that would be better described as one of lying in wait.
At first, he was dead of all the diseases that ever were known, and of several bran-new maladies invented with the speed of Light to meet the demand of the occasion.
Jumaili called on the prime minister not to make a link between him and the demonstrators to meet their demands and should he has to be present in these two provinces and hold Cabinet meetings, dedicated to meet the demands of the demonstrators.
A Rubble Master RM80 was employed to meet the demands for a crusher.
Equipment vendors must meet the demands of service providers rapidly while winning on features, price and a simple upgrade path.
This new delivery system allows UC Irvine Extension to meet the demands of the industry on a global level.
These scalable solutions enable cable operators to leverage their existing infrastructure investments while allowing the network to grow to meet the demands of an increasingly on-demand and interactive world.
Scalable - OpenVision([c]) SRM scales to meet the demands of the world's largest satellite and telco companies.
RSA Security is committed to partnering with other industry-leading companies to cost effectively meet the demands of joint customers," said Stuart Cohen, director of partner development at RSA Security.
The Avici solution has demonstrated its ability to meet the demands of our next-generation network.
New Interfaces Make DTS Digital Network Tester a Single Source to Precisely Meet the Demands of Digital Video Deployment Unlike Any Solution on the Market Today