meet the specifications

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Mere reiterations of specifications are strongly discouraged, as they do not provide insight into the vendors ability to meet the specifications.
At that time the developer was still calculating some of the impacts of altering its original site plan, but it pledged then that it would meet the specifications of the earlier bid.
We even construct the elaborate pro training facilities that meet the specifications of such companies as Shorty's, DVS, Black Label and Hurley.
Encouraging adoption of this new ENERGY STAR program, Intel will work jointly with the EPA to provide energy efficiency design expertise to smaller system vendors, collectively referred to as the "channel," to help enable their targeted offerings to meet the specifications.
The Norwood prototype device has been designed to meet the specifications nominated by selected pharmaceutical groups and to address key issues that have limited the commercial development of other companies' devices.
PIMS develops custom collection systems, which seamlessly integrates with existing software and automates portfolio functions to meet the specifications for firms that buy debt, collect on contingency, and also offers the ability to manage accounts beyond the pre-legal stage by tracking the litigation process in-house, or through the use of your outsourced legal network.
These products are the first molecular-based diagnostic products cleared by the FDA which meet the specifications required to replace standard culture methods.
Customers who have purchased these counterfeit devices should not expect their performance or reliability to meet the specifications of the legitimate Maxim/Dallas devices.
All truck-mounted H2S scrubbers will have to meet the specifications for a "United Nations ("U.
com's ability to meet the specifications assures customers that our platform is compatible with other learning management systems, as well as with SCORM-compliant content created by third-party content providers.
The new Samsung devices also meet the specifications supporting Column Address Strobe (CAS) Latency 2 and 3 for high performance applications.