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The important criteria for selecting a site are available workforce, educational institutions to train additional workforce, infrastructure, a favorable business climate and quality of life," Meeter says.
Hoogerbrugge N, Zillikens MC, Jansen H, Meeter K, Deckers JW, Birkenhager JC.
Ovidius Naso, entytuled Metamorphosis, translated out of Latin into English meeter, by Arthur Golding Gentleman, A worke very pleasaunt and delectable (London, 1567), 52.
According to Campion: 'In those lack-learning times, and in barbarized Italy, began that vulgar and easie kind of Poesie which is now in vse throughout most parts of Christendome, which we abusively call Rime and Meeter.
When in June 1632 a number of men, including Benjamin Martin and Joseph Turpin, were drinking and making merry at a tavern in Rye, Sussex, they hit upon a scurrilous "lybell in meeter or verses" against some of the godly inhabitants, or "purer sort", of the town.
The author expresses appreciation to Duane Meeter, John Palguta, Gwen Gary, Earle Klay, Frank Sherwood, Michael Milkovich, Michael Showalter, Kathryn Denhardt, and PAR reviewers for their careful reading of a draft of this article.
Glenn Meeter also questions Roth's handling of Lucy: "When Roy asks Lucy, 'Have a Hydrox?
13-34 (1976); Peters, Miller, Schmidt, & Meeter, The effects of statutory change on the civil commitment of the mentally ill, 11 L.
Tenders are invited for Meeter Instalation Of New Connection And Painting Name Or Address
NOMINATION: She takes her role as a meeter and greeter to new levels, devising and delivering coach tours of Thanet for groups staying at her hotel, and giving talks.