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5th Annual Meeting of the Complex Trait Consortium.
There was no more travel until the end of January when I attended a Board of Directors meeting of the California Dental Assistants Association in San Jose.
The material previously included in the FOMC's internal minutes was now in effect split into two documents--the Minutes of Actions and the "Memorandum of Discussion," a detailed account of the discussion at each meeting.
The orders, however, seem to have had little effect, for a second meeting was soon underway; According to a story published this rammer in Corriere della Sera, a leading Italian daily, this second meeting took place in Rome in June 2002.
Meeting with IRS representatives to discuss approach to records retention issues (3/3/04).
CalCPA Officers for one year, beginning with election at the 2004 Annual Meeting and concluding at CalCPA's 2005 Annual Meeting:
Bivariate analysis revealed decreased odds of discordance for black males in main partnerships and for males meeting casual partners at street locations, and showed increased odds for hard drug users in main partnerships; however, these relationships did not retain significance after adjustment for potential confounders.
In April 1880, during Penn's time at Fifth Ward Baptist Church in Houston, Moody and Sankey conducted a revival meeting thirty miles away at the St.
Special attention goes to the connection between changes in meeting regimes and the pacification of societies via the monopolization of the use of violence in the hands of the state.
It has been fashionable to argue for at least the last twenty years that the IMF-World Bank annual meeting needs to change because it has become far too big because of the influx of thousands of bankers.
So last year at the World Health Assembly, people were lured away to parties and receptions and meeting rooms, and the United States in one unseemly maneuver convened a meeting of mostly wealthy countries to make decisions that included this database of drug prices around the world.
When it comes down to it, every meeting should have a meaningful reason for being called.