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It painstakingly demonstrates the melancholic associations of imagery as disparate as untied shirts, wide-brimmed hats, pollarded willows, musical instruments, cats, dogs, and butterburs, widening the scope of what might be recognised as depictions of melancholy in the late Renaissance.
The melancholic frame of mind is most fitted to the sublime and the moral due to its specific mental attunement.
Among subjects with the highest folate intake, the risk for melancholic depressive symptoms was almost 50 per cent lower than among those with the lowest intake.
This section concisely stakes out the political implications of the book in its critique of a poststructural melancholic response to collective loss that elides historical causation by assuming that loss and unfulfilled desire are inherent in subjectivity.
Singer Harry McVeigh has the most striking, versatile voice and adapts it to suit an amazing variety of raucous and melancholic tunes.
The invisible man himself mounts what Cheng sees as the second crucial gesture of melancholic resistance in the novel.
Wells argues that unlike the pathological quests of the melancholic heroes of Ariosto and Tasso, fixed on a single unattainable beloved, for Arthur the object of love is pragmatically mourned and replaced at the same time by other objects that shadow the original elusive one.
The Secret Wound: Love-Melancholy and Early Modern Romance hypothesizes that understanding the medical profile of the melancholic lover is vital for understanding the definitive patterns of literary early modern romance.
The epic, multi-faceted Monotheist features the multi-tempo rocker "Progeny," the melancholic, dirge-like "Obscured," a requiem for strings entitled "Winter," and "Totengott," a creepy atmospheric work highlighted by twisted, Exorcist-style vocals.
So are the titles that testify to the melancholic mood coming out of the city: "Black and White," "Four Lonely Melancholic Writers," "Gautier's Melancholic Strolls Through the City," "The Melancholy of the Ruins.
Soane was extremely lucky--through Gandy's perspectives, we see Soane's works as the architect wanted them to be seen, from the grand melancholic ruins of the Bank of England to the sunny domestic interiors of Lincoln's Inn Fields.
The understandably melancholic tone of the preface of the first edition continues throughout the new edition of the book; Shahak and Mezvinsky have an almost unvaryingly suspicious view of Jewish fundamentalism with regard to peace with the Arabs and democracy inside Israel.