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Distancing herself from the impasse of a culture that looks back, melancholically, at lost certainties, Maraini champions exile from the "arrogant" confines of Eurocentrism as a dynamic, constructive choice: the precondition for intellectual migration, which leads to the acquisition, through historical memory, of "parametri al contempo antichi e assolutamente nuovi" (50).
These modernists could be said to remain melancholically fixated on a lost masculine ideal that is fundamentally toxic, and that they themselves show to be unlivable.
Erofeev's language and style of argumentation reflect the peculiarities of this new reading public: his texts feature erudition (sometimes substantial, sometimes superficial or mere bluff), effortless incorporation of obscenities (without indulging in them), and acceptance of both the gains and the losses of the transition toward Western values without welcoming the former too enthusiastically or mourning the latter too melancholically.
Like the multicentral whirls of global capital, the centrifugal de/re/nationalizations of contemporary, everyday life and experience thrive on proliferating fears and anxieties, flowing in and between melancholically constructed clusters of imagined and illusory straws of certainty.
A non-traditional impression is given by the melancholically expanded first movement of Symphony No.
Spectralized dead animals circulate in a fetishistic economy, melancholically gesturing toward the possible survival of their kin--not only of their own species, but a kinship extended to non-human animality as a whole.
Her works do not just point melancholically to a social world forever left behind; they also, more enthusiastically, gesture toward a reality in which painting's peculiar means and ends will not necessarily be lost or made irrelevant but will be strategically aligned with other social forces.
Jones "was the same colour as the Japanese" and "couldn't tell the difference" between himself and them (2), explaining to some extent why the expulsion of the Nisei from the city center made Jones anxious; it also accounts for how deeply fearful Jones is of the prospect of being melancholically incorporated into the nation--that is, of residing upon national soil in a symbolically abject territory.
Such an elegy persists melancholically, denying its own borders and thus its own end.
Carrying the white man's burden of a languishing and decadent tradition, Soldati melancholically and melodramatically fails to understand fully a pristine simplicity that escapes a whole Europe with him:
In its opening movements Rabin's violin sings lyrically and melancholically and plaintively, and in the final movement it struts and dances, the cock o' the walk.