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In the day we are angry, disappointed, or indignant, but never "in the blues" and never melancholy.
But, as a rule, it is not trouble that makes us melancholy.
An episode of humour or kindness touches and amuses him here and there--a pretty child looking at a gingerbread stall; a pretty girl blushing whilst her lover talks to her and chooses her fairing; poor Tom Fool, yonder behind the waggon, mumbling his bone with the honest family which lives by his tumbling; but the general impression is one more melancholy than mirthful.
It was a most fortunate accident as it diverted the attention of Sophia from the melancholy reflections which she had been before indulging.
I'll play to him and sooth him in his melancholy Hours--Beware ye gentle Nymphs of Cupid's Thunderbolts, avoid the piercing shafts of Jupiter--Look at that grove of Firs--I see a Leg of Mutton--They told me Edward was not Dead; but they deceived me--they took him for a cucumber--" Thus I continued wildly exclaiming on my Edward's Death--.
There is something contagious in the natural expression of our passions, that insensibly enlists the sympathies of the beholder--and Seymour felt a soft melancholy stealing over him as he gazed, that was but a faint reflection of the tenderness excited in the breast of Charlotte, while she listened to sounds that penetrated to her very soul.
You have brought tears into eyes that never should weep," cried Delafield, "and melancholy to a countenance that seems formed by nature to convey an idea of peaceful content.
Employment, even melancholy, may dispel melancholy, and her occupations were hopeful.
It made her melancholy again; and the knowledge of what must be enduring there, invested even the house, modern, airy, and well situated as it was, with a melancholy aspect.
Jones had been there as Mrs Honour had told her; he had indeed spent two hours there that morning in melancholy contemplation on his Sophia, and had gone out from the garden at one door the moment she entered it at another.
Newman gave a melancholy groan and fell forward, leaning his head on his hands.
The doctor's opinion was that melancholy and depression were bringing him to his end.