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The melee is part of the Cardiff Festival which continues at sites across the city until September 1.
The four youngsters, who are regular visitors to the knights tournament, cheered on the knights in the crest melee as they struck the dragon crests from each others helmets.
We cheered on the red team in the crest melee and we've had a good day out.
JOUST A BIT OF FUN: Freddie gets the upper hand over big brother Arlie Williams SWORDPLAY: Zuzanna Tarns, Aoife Walsh, Lorca Walsh and Stefan Tarns FEEL THE STEEL: Kenilworth Castle Knights Tournament Battling it out in the crest melee
com), the masterminds behind "Godzilla(R): Destroy All Monsters Melee," "Godzilla(R): Save the Earth" is now available for an estimated retail price of $39.
Sheriff Lee Baca has said gang and racial rivalries between Latinos and African-Americans triggered the initial fighting, which led to melees at other jails.
Godzilla(R): Save the Earth will faithfully recreate the look and feel of the gargantuan film legend and take the fighting element of Godzilla(R): Destroy All Monsters Melee - Atari's smash fighting game which originally shipped in 2002 -- to the next level with an all new Action Mode and online multiplayer fighting.
Players will have nine game modes to choose from, including Action, the mission-based single-player game; Challenges, a series of single-player challenges to complete; Custom, where players can set the parameters of a fight; Versus, the classic one-on-one melee battle; and many more.