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The new challenge is for the big manufacturers to meliorate Class 8 combination trucks, also called as 18-wheelers, freight efficiency figures by 100% over the most efficient prime mover and trailer combination from 2009.
The move to meliorate these injustices through the conversion to a monotheistic value base, Christianity, served to isolate politically the Romans themselves, thereby rendering them too weak to uphold their own system.
It would meliorate the arrival and departure of trains at the station and shunting of locomotives at the yards.
The Evandale Lake, the focal feature of the artscape, will meliorate the display of the landscaping and facilities around the water's edge.
India s Rajasthan state has began to distribute so-called 'Bhamashah' smartcards to women which are designed to meliorate financial inclusion and tackle poverty.
05 million to meliorate the living conditions and livelihoods of 200,000 IDPs from the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) and the IDP hosting communities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.
Thos new credit facility would also aid to meliorate the existing water utilities.
An interchange will be built adjacent to New North Road to meliorate the rail network%s efficiency.
A laser technology has been revealed by the Mitsubishi Electric Corp, which finally would meliorate the performance of electronic devices.
iNES (Italtel Network Empowerment System), the first solution has been designed to meliorate network manageability in areas, including roubleshooting, configuration and analysis/assessment, where the OSS support is often poor.
It is stated by the Mr Longhi that the flexibility of moving to an electric arc furnace, which would meliorate US Steel's North American operations, allowing it to adapt to global demands and be more cost effective.
Both the agreements would be laying the foundation for Kenya and Ghana to cooperate in areas, which would meliorate the lives of the citizens of the two countries.