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As noted above, the hermetic vein, with which theurgy must in some way be connected, is expressed by the meliorative view to matter, explaining why the impact of the oracles on Neoplatonists can most generally be described as inducing them to see the marks of God already in sensible matter (although, it has to be remembered, the Neoplatonic theurgy was a multiplane concept and contained beside lower magic also its highly religious component).
Wider use of silver birch and black alder, due to its fast growth and meliorative properties, is recommended for such areas [3-7].
We can find our way back to that visionary, aspirational language, but the way back takes us through a dozen meliorative tasks like restoring fiscal sanity, preventing the collapse of the employer-provided health-care system, modernizing entitlements, restoring the tax structure of the end of the 20th century, ending the war in Iraq, rescuing our country's international reputation, and dealing with the real consequences of global warming.
In this way, for example, diminutives and augmentatives often acquire pejorative or meliorative overtones, which eventually may become associated with the respective patterns themselves (cf.
Hence, it is clear that the word 'success' has suffered what we could call a semantic meliorative process, whose origin might lie in the positive connotations that 'succedere' could convey.
They are pessimistic about the possibility of meliorative Congressional action and call instead on local community groups, civic associations and the churches to campaign to protect bankruptcy rights and reregulate the banking industry.
All made their way to Mallarme's house to hear its owner quietly hold forth on the meliorative powers of verse.
The Narrative shows Dorothy to be far less congratulatory about the generosity of the inhabitants of Grasmere and far less sanguine about the meliorative effects of private charity than her brother's preface, and prevailing readings of the Narrative, would suggest.
Ronsard and Pontus de Tyard Speaking as Women"; Francois Rigolot, "Ronsard et la theorie meliorative de l'imitation"; Philip Ford, "What Song the Sirens Sang.
lessons of Fate" can be interpreted as meliorative, as guides to mastering its forces.
Where the British idea of compassion," Himmelfarb observes, "lent itself to a variety of practical meliorative policies to relieve social problems, the French appeal to reason could be satisfied with nothing less than the 'regeneration' of man.
In fact, a close examination of Alexie's work to date shows that he uses the meliorative social and moral values inherent in irony and satire, as well as certain conventional character types (including the prejudicial stereotype of the "drunken Indian") as materials for constructing a realistic literary document for contemporary Indian survival.