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And in recent years, he has occasionally fallen into what might be called the knightly style, where mellifluousness modulates into orotundity.
Like Swinburne and Morris, Hardy mingled skepticisra and respect for Tennyson, as Helen Small makes clear ("Hardy's Tennyson," TP); if Hardy's 1912-1913 poems responding to Emma's death refuse Tennysonian mellifluousness, "The Going" adopts an "abba" rhyme scheme in each stanza'a concluding quatrain and incorporates several other Tennysonian echoes.
Under Labadie's seemingly relaxed direction, they perform with uncanny precision, integration and mellifluousness.
The love sonnets of Tennyson and Browning neatly encapsulate those stylistic features for which the two poets are renowned: one tending towards mellifluousness and ornamentation, the other striving for the impact and immediacy of actual speech.
The bells of the Town Hall clock chimed out from the beautiful campanile which rears its decorated head over Cardiff as a city with charming mellifluousness.
Nekrasov), it lacks Nekrasov's passion, intensity, and strong optimism as well as Nekrasov's lyricism, musicality, euphony, and mellifluousness.
8) His theater (fourteen comedies, two tragedies, and one tragicomedy), although replete with classical and commedia dell'arte characters, themes, and rule-bound formats, is very much a product of the Renaissance; it also utilizes a polyphony of diverse languages, dialects, and registers, fast and furious wordplay, the carnivalesque; and a mellifluousness that one can easily find in melodrama and on the operatic stage.