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Del Mar knew the theatre too well to venture any hackneyed melodramatic effect such as an electric torch.
If it was even mentioned in her hearing, she shuddered and referred to it, with melodramatic fervour, as 'my husband's blood-money
Enter Napoleon, cocked hat, gray coat, high boots, folded arms, grim mouth, and a melodramatic stride.
With this parting benediction, Miss Price swept from the room, followed by the huge Yorkshireman, who exchanged with Nicholas, at parting, that peculiarly expressive scowl with which the cut-and- thrust counts, in melodramatic performances, inform each other they will meet again.
For proper dramatic action they largely substitute ranting moralizing declamation, with crudely exaggerated passion, and they exhibit a great vein of melodramatic horror, for instance in the frequent use of the motive of implacable revenge for murder and of a ghost who incites to it.
But suppose the worst in all this, the most lurid or melodramatic solution you like.
They were amused by his melodramatic action in thus fixing the hour; but they seemed to have confidence in the outcome.
There must have been a touch of the melodramatic in my pose and voice, for Maud smiled.
Dunster, I believe I may have the pleasure of calling you - your conclusions seem to me just a little melodramatic.
Giles and Brittles were put through a melodramatic representation of their share in the previous night's adventures: which they performed some six times over: contradiction each other, in not more than one important respect, the first time, and in not more than a dozen the last.
may be considered equivalent to a melodramatic blessing.
Pickwick drew in his head again, with the swiftness displayed by that admirable melodramatic performer, Punch, when he lies in wait for the flat-headed comedian with the tin box of music.